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"Teased And Regressed For Wetting Her Pants"

60 minutes playing time
Featuring Amy and Lili

Poor little Amy came home early from school in tears.
She sobbed to her carer she was being bullied at school and was so distressed she wet herself so she was teased even more.
Lili was furious that she had wet her panties and spanked Amy before cleaning her up and putting her in a clean pair.
Shortly afterwards Lili accidentally startled fragile Amy who went to pieces and peed her through panties right there on the kitchen floor.
She yelled at Amy and spanked her again then pulled her into the bathroom to wash her down and then diaper her. Poor Amy is horrified but Lili insists she MUST wear diapers because she cannot be trusted any more.
Lili is appalled she has to toilet train her daughter all over again!
Then she forced Amy to go to bed without any dinner. Sobbing she cried herself until she nodded off
Next morning Lili had calmed down and came in to wake Amy. But she was soon very angry again when she discovered Amy has wet her diaper overnight. She spanked her then changed her diaper and jammed a pacifier in her mouth and made her wear little clothes.
Amy complained she was hungry and thirsty so Lili opened her dress, pulled out a big boob and breast fed her.
When she finished she lifted her into a play pen while she had a shower.
Then, as if it could not get any worse for Amy, she dragged Amy into the kitchen and spoon fed her mushy food for breakfast whilst wearing a bib and sitting in a high chair. Amy had never been so humiliated.
After eating Lili tried sitting Amy on the potty and was pleasantly surprised Amy did a big pee in the potty while she watched. Then it was time to put Amy in a real tiny bath and sponge her clean.
But then Amy got the shock of her life. She thought that was the end of her awful experience in diapers. But Lili made her lie on the bed again rubbed some baby powder on her bottom.
She then put a thick cloth diaper on her, dressed her in snug footed pyjamas, and told Amy it was time for her nap. Lili exclaimed she was now quite liking having a little girl again and she was going to keep Amy in an regressed state FOREVER!
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